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How sweet is my Champagne?

Decoding sweetness levels from the sparkling wine label can be a little tricky, that’s why I created a small cheat sheet for you to buy the right one for the special occasion

Sweetness of the Champagne is measured by how much grams of sugar are there in one liter of wine (g/l) .

  • Brut Nature (Zero dosage) –  0-3 g/l
  • Extra brut – 0-6 g/l
  • Brut –  0-12 g/l
  • Extra Dry-  12-17g/l
  • Sec –  17-32 g/l
  • Demi-sec – 32-50 g/l
  • Doux – over 50 grams of sugar

Sweetnes of champagne isn’t determined by a fermentation itself as in almost every other wine. The base wine is dry and the solution of sugar dissolved in wine is added in a “Dosage” part of the Champagne winemaking. The same sweetness levels are on the labels of most sparkling wines like Prosecco or Franciacorta .

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