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How to drink red dry wine and enjoy it?

Why people, who enter the wine world typically tend to hate the red dry wine? Because nobody told them how to make it enjoyable. That’s your plan for befriending the enemy:

  • Open a bottle
  • Pour it into a decanter (or any vessel that allows big area of contact between air and wine, preferably something that you can pour from without spilling) or into a glass, if you hate washing dishes.
  • Leave it. Just don’t do anything with it for at least 30 minutes, 60 minutes for a bolder red wine. Just let it “breathe” oxygen.
  • Now you can try your wine, tastes completely different than a wine directly from a bottle, right?
  • Let me tell you why it happens…

Why do we need such a ritual ?

Wine, especially red one is rich in tannins, alcohol, contains antioxidants, sulfites, amino acids, sugars and other stuff. They help to preserve wine and hold it together against light, oxygen and time. When you open a bottle of red dry wine and take a sip, all of these compounds aggressively attack you, leading to unpleasant sensation and leave you with a felling that this wine is too harsh and intense. After releasing your wine to the wild, the process called oxidation starts. It slowly evaporates sulfites and softens tannins. A part of alcohol evaporates too, making the vine more aromatic, because as it rises from the glass, it takes aromatic compounds with it. After introducing oxygen for a half-hour, wine softens noticeably and becomes more drinkable. Swirling wine in a glass also helps, when you are short on time.

Important note: oxidation is a double-edged sword, because in short run it helps You enjoy Your wine but after some time it starts to slowly kill its flavor and taste, because they evaporate in a contact with oxygen. When You still aren’t convinced with the sensations, try to consume wine while eating some red meat, like pork or beef, because fat can break down tannins as well, helping soften overall taste.

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