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Wine tasting #6 Lustau Manzanilla Papirusa Sherry

First sherry tasting on my blog. Very interesting and easy going Lustau Manzanilla straight from the southern Spain

  1. Wine info

Classic and not complicated manzanilla shery from San lucar de Barameda in spain. Made in a same way that fino sherry is made but specific coastal conditions of its home city provide fresher and more saline aromas as well as lighter body. Made with palomino grapes.
Drink well chilled.


Pale lemon


Saline like the sea water and medicinal.


The flavours complement the aomas. Saline and medicinal bone dry with medium + acidity. Well balanced.

5.Verdict                                                             7,5/10

Typical and not complicated manzanilla. Easy going and drinkable.

Extremally food friendly. Pairs great with tapas. Creates extraordinary pairing with olives, especially of the Gordal variety. Great as a palate cleanser when eating multiple dishes. Goes well with salty food, fish, seafood, and green vegetables. Also great as a cooking wine.

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