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Wine tasting #3 Guarda Rios Signature Red

Tasting of interesting and budget friendly blend from Portugal. Blend including Syrah. Nice looking bottle, but will the wine live up to expectation ?

Wine Info:

Guarda Rios Signature is an interesting wine I brought back from my trip to Portugal. It’s a premium bottle from the series of Guarda Rios labels from Monte de Ravasqueira winery in Alentejo region of Portugal. Blend consisting of mostly Syrah with Touriga Nacional, Alicante, Aragonez. Aged in french oak barrels for up to 9 months and fermented in low temperatures to preserve the fresh fruit aromas. Alcohol content of 13,5%. Wine was 4 years old upon tasting. Open and decant about 30 min before serving . Vintage 2015.


Clear, deep ruby red wine.


Light aromas of various red fruits reminescent of red cherry, red berry. Earthy notes with a little hint of vanilla.


Full body red dry wine with low acidity. Jamminess, red cherry and red berry fruits dominate the palate. They are complemented with tobacco and leather flavours clearly obtained from barrel aging. Powerfull tannins that are the result of chosen grape varieties.

Verdict: 6,7/10

I would name it very high end market wine that goes well with food. Powerfull and not complicated. Surprisingly quite weak aroma intensity, which is weird after I checked the vinification process..

Pairing suggestions:

beef, pork, lamb, dark sauces, grill

Syrah grape variety description

My wine tasting method

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Know your grape #1 Syrah

Syrah, red wine grape variety that is used to produce bold red dry wines that has high tannins, black and red fruit flavors with subtle, yet clear spicy aftertaste.

One of the most popular grapes planted worldwide. Its origin country is France. Well known Syrah growing regions are France, Australia and Spain. It is also used in productiom of some rose wines.
Typically needs 30-60 minutes of aeration before drinking because of high tannin content.

Syrah or Shiraz, depends what country it comes from is one of the most essential grape varieties to know, when exploring the wine world. It orginates from France, but its universality and great taste led to worldwide planting of this delicious grape.

We can divide it in 2 categories, warm climate Syrah and cool climate Syrah. In colder climates (like France) Syrah has more acidity and tends to be lighter bodied, typically paired with leaner dishes, like lamb. Warmer climates (like Australia and Spain) tend to produce fuller bodied, more fruit forward and alcoholic (14% and over) Syrah wines, that pair better with heavier dishes.
Syrah, blended with Grenache and Mouvedre (the GSM blend) is used in French Cotes du Rhone wines.

Suggested food pairing:

Pairs well with red meats like pork and beef, especially steaks and ribs. Also tastes great with: lamb, mushrooms, hard cheeses, tomato, onion barbecue sauce, pepper sauce.

Syrah wine tastings: