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Wine tasting #4 Loupiac Prelude Gourmard Chateau du Cros

First French wine tasting on my blog. Loupiac, younger brother of Sauternes will introduce you to the world of botrytized wines.

Wine info

A classic dessert wine from Bordeaux in France. Sweetness is obtained by late harvest and involvement of Botrytis Cirenea that concentrate sugars, acidity and flavours in the grape. Botrytized wines are well known for their both high price and unique aromas.
Loupiac wine region is located on the opposite river bank than Sauternes – one of the best sweet wine making appellations. Benefiting from similar conditions but poorly recognizable worldwide offers a great value for a very good quality compared to often overpriced Sauternes wines. Dominant grape in this style is Semillon, supported with Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle. Serve well chilled. Vintage 2014.


Pale gold. Quite dense.


Aromas of dried aprict , honey and lemon are very apparent t first. Then dried pineapple, apricot, passion fruit and a hint of vanilla appears in the glass. Very pleasant and Sauternes-like aromas that are very desirable here


Honey and apricot at first sip, followed by some lemon associated with a high acidity balancing big amount of sugars. After some development in glass and warming orange and dried apricot flavours appears.

Verdict                                 8/10

Good quality Loupiac for a reasonable price. Cheaper than Sauternes and little less concentrated. For me the flavours and aromas were little diluted leading to less intense wine. Other than this, there were no flaws. I recommend this wine as a good budget friendly replacement for Sauternes. For me could be more on the sweeter side because it would be risky to pair this bottle with a cheesecake.

Pairing suggestions:

Pairs extremely well with mould both with blue mould and white mould cheeses.
Serve with Brie to achieve great creaminess and with Gorgonzola to discover completely new flavours.  Pairs well with Foie Gras.

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Wine tasting #5 Milberit Parcelas Seleccionadas

This is a very unique wine from Milberit range that shocked me with its many layers of aromas and flavours during tasting

  1. Wine info

Blend of 27% Merlot, 26 % Syrah, 25% Tempranillo,  22% Cabernet Sauvignon. 12 months maturation in French and American oak barrels. 2016 vintage from Spain

2. Appearance

Medium Ruby. Surprisingly bright judging from varieties used in this blend. The brighter colour could be a result of oak aging and Merlot addition as well as wine age.

3. Smell

Very complex and evolving. At first very fruity with dominant black cherry, black berry, chocolate and toffee with a hint of jaminess. Later as the wine opens in glass more spice, wood, tobacco, licorice and smoke aromas appear.


At first it was a fruity, wel structured wine with medium+ tannins, clearly dry and acid enough to balance its body but not to bring out this to the taste. Red cherry and  black cherry dominated the palate until the vanilla, sour cherry and chocolate notes. Chocolate was especially intense and bold in this bottle.

5.Verdict                                                                                   9/10

I’m stunned by richness and complexity of aromas and flavours in this wine.
Although assembled in roughly equal parts from the grape varieties that I don’t like and the ones that I admire, it magically took every good characteristics from them and make an amazing wine. I rarely give dry wines a 9 mark but this one is special. Absolutely recommended ! Second bottle is cellaring to develop more complex aromas and flavours.

Pairs well with hard sheep and cow milk cheeses (Spanish Manchego), hams (Spanish Jamon), steaks, ribs, mushrooms and heavy dark sauces.

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Wine tasting #3 Guarda Rios Signature Red

Tasting of interesting and budget friendly blend from Portugal. Blend including Syrah. Nice looking bottle, but will the wine live up to expectation ?

Wine Info:

Guarda Rios Signature is an interesting wine I brought back from my trip to Portugal. It’s a premium bottle from the series of Guarda Rios labels from Monte de Ravasqueira winery in Alentejo region of Portugal. Blend consisting of mostly Syrah with Touriga Nacional, Alicante, Aragonez. Aged in french oak barrels for up to 9 months and fermented in low temperatures to preserve the fresh fruit aromas. Alcohol content of 13,5%. Wine was 4 years old upon tasting. Open and decant about 30 min before serving . Vintage 2015.


Clear, deep ruby red wine.


Light aromas of various red fruits reminescent of red cherry, red berry. Earthy notes with a little hint of vanilla.


Full body red dry wine with low acidity. Jamminess, red cherry and red berry fruits dominate the palate. They are complemented with tobacco and leather flavours clearly obtained from barrel aging. Powerfull tannins that are the result of chosen grape varieties.

Verdict: 6,7/10

I would name it very high end market wine that goes well with food. Powerfull and not complicated. Surprisingly quite weak aroma intensity, which is weird after I checked the vinification process..

Pairing suggestions:

beef, pork, lamb, dark sauces, grill

Syrah grape variety description

My wine tasting method

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Wine tasting #2 Antonin Chardonnay of Gozo, Malta, Marsovin

A unique expearience, tasting of the the barrel fermented Chardonnay from a small Gozo island of Malta. Rare and delicious.

Wine Info:

Mediterranean expression of the most famous white grape – Chardonnay. This one was produced by Marsovin winery that has many parcels in Malta country. This producer makes also big quantity of cheaper wines but we will focus on his special product. This particular one comes from a smaller island of Gozo. The parcel is next to a beautiful beach that I visited during my trip to this country. Fermentation in barrels allows wine to oxidise in controlled enviroment. That creates more deep flavours at the expense of lighter and more floral ones. It also encourages malolactic fermentation (MLF) that lowers acidity and introduces buttery aromas. Alcohol content of 12,5%. Serve chilled. Vintage 2016.


Clear wine with no sediment. Medium golden colour indicating delicate oxidation.


Medium intensity of clear aromas reminiscent of butter, vanilia, ripe pineapple.


Dry wine with full body, heavy on the palate. Medium acidity balances the richness of flavours. It tastes like ripe pineapple, melted butter with clear hints of fruit sweetness, citrus flavours and a little bit of bitterness at the end.

Verdict: 8,5/10

Great, multi layered wine with great consistency between aromas and flavours. I would recommend it to everyone who likes heavy, buttery chardonnay.

Pairing suggestions:

Chicken, carbonara, fat cheeses, cream sauces.

Chardonnay grape variety description

My wine tasting method

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How You can enrich your every wine experience? – My tasting method

Simple, easy and quick guide to tasting wine with joy

To elevate Your wine experience, no matter, what wine you are drinking, consider applying these steps to your tasting routine:

1. Look at the wine. Enjoy its color, does it have any interesting hues? Think, how wine of this color can taste and smell. (quick tip: place a white paper behind the glass, to see a color without background affecting your perception)

2. Smell (without swirling). Hold wine glass at approximately 45 degrees angle to your nose. Sniff the upper and lower rim of the glass, do You feel the difference in smell?

3. Smell after swirling the glass a few times. Does this action release some new aromas?

4. Finally, it’s time to taste your wine 😉

5. Make notes. Write down aromas and taste as well as wine color, so You can later compare it to other bottles and bring back memories. Aditionally, wines change their aroma characteristics when exposed to oxygen or temperature changee, so you can track this journey with notes.

Want to see it in practice ?
Check my tasting notes here:

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Wine tasting #1 Malaga Anejo Rujaq Andalusi bodegas Dinobe

I brought back this rare Malaga from my trip to Spain. It is a great example, how middle aged malaga should be like. Clearly distinguishing itself from lots of cheap stuff.

Malaga Anejo Rujaq Andalusi bodegas Dinobe

Wine Info:

This special white wine comes from the region surrounding Malaga city in Andalucia, Spain. Grape, Moscatel , as a hot climate lover is best suited to grow here, resulting in very ripe, frolal and sweet wines. 15% of alcohol comes from the fortification (adding high proof of neutral alcohol to the wine). Produced with appassimento method that requires grapes to be sun dried in order to concentrate flavours, sugar and acidity. This wine spent 48 months in american oak barrels. The label design refers to arabic legacy of Malaga region. Producer Bodegas Dinobe has a wide range of wines, including lighter and heavier Malaga wines based on Muscat grape. Serve chilled.


Clear wine with no sediment seduces me with deep amber colour, telling everyone around that it spent many months in wood barrels, that let it oxidise and develop complex aromas.


Medium intensity aromas of orange and orange peel, some floral and citrus notes too. After some time, wine releases complex aromas that were developed during maturation in contact with wood and air: dates, toffee and honey.


Clearly sweet but not cloggy. High acidity keeps big amount of natural sweetness in balance. Bull bodied with flavours of orange liquour, toffee and carmel

Verdict: 7,5/10

Very good wine that has a lot of potential to develop in bottle. Great as a dessert. For me it could be more intensive. Little alcohol is still not well integrated and attacks when wine gets warmer.

Pairing suggestions:

Cakes with nuts and honey. Cookies and creme brulee. Or as a dessert on it own 😉

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Cheers 🙂