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How You can enrich your every wine experience? – My tasting method

Simple, easy and quick guide to tasting wine with joy

To elevate Your wine experience, no matter, what wine you are drinking, consider applying these steps to your tasting routine:

1. Look at the wine. Enjoy its color, does it have any interesting hues? Think, how wine of this color can taste and smell. (quick tip: place a white paper behind the glass, to see a color without background affecting your perception)

2. Smell (without swirling). Hold wine glass at approximately 45 degrees angle to your nose. Sniff the upper and lower rim of the glass, do You feel the difference in smell?

3. Smell after swirling the glass a few times. Does this action release some new aromas?

4. Finally, it’s time to taste your wine 😉

5. Make notes. Write down aromas and taste as well as wine color, so You can later compare it to other bottles and bring back memories. Aditionally, wines change their aroma characteristics when exposed to oxygen or temperature changee, so you can track this journey with notes.

Want to see it in practice ?
Check my tasting notes here: