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Why does my wine smell and taste like a butter ?

This unique, creamy sensation and butter flavour in your mouth has an unexpected source

During the winemaking proces of a white wine, there is a possibility to carry on a second type of fermentation. It is called Malolactic Fermentation or MLF for short. Special strain of bacteria, naturally occuring in a pressed grape juice converts malic acid into lactic acid in wine.

This process softens and reduces  acidity in wine and creates byproduct aromas and flavours of butter, cheese and cream. Common white grape varieties that are treated using this technique are Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc.  For the red ones this process is more common, but does not introduce any new aromas.

White wines affected by it are typically more intense in colour, leaning to the gold hue.
One disadvantage of this process is loss of the most subtle and delicate flavours and aromas like floral and citrus ones.

My wine tastings of wines made with malolactic fermentation: