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Wine tasting #4 Loupiac Prelude Gourmard Chateau du Cros

First French wine tasting on my blog. Loupiac, younger brother of Sauternes will introduce you to the world of botrytized wines.

Wine info

A classic dessert wine from Bordeaux in France. Sweetness is obtained by late harvest and involvement of Botrytis Cirenea that concentrate sugars, acidity and flavours in the grape. Botrytized wines are well known for their both high price and unique aromas.
Loupiac wine region is located on the opposite river bank than Sauternes – one of the best sweet wine making appellations. Benefiting from similar conditions but poorly recognizable worldwide offers a great value for a very good quality compared to often overpriced Sauternes wines. Dominant grape in this style is Semillon, supported with Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle. Serve well chilled. Vintage 2014.


Pale gold. Quite dense.


Aromas of dried aprict , honey and lemon are very apparent t first. Then dried pineapple, apricot, passion fruit and a hint of vanilla appears in the glass. Very pleasant and Sauternes-like aromas that are very desirable here


Honey and apricot at first sip, followed by some lemon associated with a high acidity balancing big amount of sugars. After some development in glass and warming orange and dried apricot flavours appears.

Verdict                                 8/10

Good quality Loupiac for a reasonable price. Cheaper than Sauternes and little less concentrated. For me the flavours and aromas were little diluted leading to less intense wine. Other than this, there were no flaws. I recommend this wine as a good budget friendly replacement for Sauternes. For me could be more on the sweeter side because it would be risky to pair this bottle with a cheesecake.

Pairing suggestions:

Pairs extremely well with mould both with blue mould and white mould cheeses.
Serve with Brie to achieve great creaminess and with Gorgonzola to discover completely new flavours.  Pairs well with Foie Gras.

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